Rules and Regulations for fishing in the Repparfjord & Skaidi River system 

All persons who wish to fish for salmon or sea trout must have a valid fishing license, a local fishing permit and an identity card. These cards must always be present when fishing, and shall be presented to river guards or members of the association when requested. 
Please report any illegal fishing. 
Disinfection of equipment (gyrodactylus salaries)
All fishing equipment, and other equipment used for fishing purposes, used in watercourses other than Repparfjord and Skaidi rivers must be disinfected before use. Everyone with a one day license ha to desinfect their gear. Also general rules apply regarding that all fishing equipment and potentially contaminated items must be completely dry before use in a new water course. Certification for satisfactory disinfection of the mentioned equipment must be brought along during fishing and shall be presented to river guards and/or other control authorities along with a valid fishing license, a local fishing permit and identification papers. Everybody buying one-day-licence must disinfect their equipment.
Fishing regulations

1. The fishing season last from the 1st of June until the 31st of August for salmon and sea trout. The minimum size limit for salmon is 35 cm and for sea trout 30 cm. Smaller fish must be released into the river. 
2. For sea trout the season is expanded from the 31st of August until the 14th of September for the area from the Bridge pool (Brukulpen) to the mouth of the river. Any wild salmon (Atlantic Salmo Salar) or wild sea char caught in this period must be carefully unhooked and released into the river again. Farmed fish (salmon, trout or char) and Pacific salmon must be taken when captured.
3. Sea char is protected the entire season, from the 1st of June until the 31st of August. Any sea char captured in this period must be released into the river again.
4. After the 31st of July each person is allowed to catch two wild salmon per fishing day. A fishing day last for 24 hours, from 18:00 till 18:00 the next day. If the quota is reached, the fishing for wild salmon must stop until the next fishing day starts. You are requested to carefully unhook and release brown female salmon. Let the fish spawn. 

1. From the 1st of June until the 10th of July fishing with hackles and live worms is allowed with a sinker/lead. From the 10th of July  until the 14th of September fishing with hackles and live worms is allowed, but only floating dub or fly line (float) is allowed as casting weight. Only one appendix is allowed. Spinning bait and wobblers, with only one grapnel, are allowed from the 1st of June until the 10th of July. Fishing with shrimp is not allowed.  In Skaidi River only fishing with hackles and live worms is allowed, but only floating dub or fly line (float only) is allowed as casting weight. 
2. From the 1st of September until the 14th of September only fishing with floating line is allowed and no hooks larger than #8 for fly and #6 for worms
3. It is no allowed to fish in a manner were you are in danger of deliberately hooking the fish. Fishing equipment must not be left unattended during fishing.
4. Fishermen shall gradually move down the river when fishing (this allows all fishermen access to the various sites along the river). Whenever a fish is caught, the person who caught the fish must go to the back of the queue in order to start fishing again.
Protected zones

All protected areas are marked with signs, and all fishermen have a duty to follow the instructions on the signs.
1. The following zones are protected the entire season
• A 30 meter long stretch on the north side of Knottheim.
• From the end of the deep pool below Fossen all the way to above the second rapid, approximately 100 meters above the salmon ladders upper part. 
• In the Skaidi river – in Mellomfossen from Djupholla till Skumholla, approximately 30 meters and from the point the river runs out of Skaidivann and 5 km downstream
• In the Nadjetjohka river, from the river mouth to the Voggenes small lake
• In the Breidal river, from the river mouth to the Breidal waterfall
• Cuovvarjohka, included the lake.

2. From 10th of July to 5th of August theree is a protection zone (no fishing allowed) from new Repparfjord Bridge (by the golf course) and down to the river mouth. The protection zone is only on the north side of the river (the true right bank). Fishin is allowed on the south side of the river.

Fishing is not allowed from boats or bridges.  The fishing regulations, equipment specified and protected zones  also include inland fish in all braided rivers where anadromous  salmon fish run.  In lakes fishing on the ice is allowed 200m from inlets and outlets from January 1’st to May 4’th.   Fishing with live worms, maggot and octopus is allowed when fishing on the ice.  Fishing with line made of steel, longline and fishing net is not allowed.  Salmon caught on the ice is to be released.

Nature and environmental issues - general regulations

1. Everyone using the river has a duty to keep the area tidy and remove any garbage when they leave the river.
2. It is not allowed to move live fish or water from one river to another.
3. It is not allowed to clean fish next to the river. Please report to the environmental committee if you observe litter and garbage along the watercourses.
4. It is not allowed to cut firewood from the forest. Bring along any firewood you may need, and please use existing fireplaces.

Reports and statistics

Everyone who has been fishing anadromous  salmon fish must supply a complete report of any fish caught. The procedure is described on your local fishing permit, and the data will be used for public statistics. Released fish must also be reported, but with a note that the fish was released. Everybody with season-license must report every week, or daily as described on the licence. The licence is for the season and a complete report must be handed in before 1st of September

Reports is to be delivered every day. Details is to be found on your fishing license. If you dont have a computer or smartphone in hand there is a computer for this purpose on Repparfjord Ungdomssenter. You can also call +4747385083 or +4798885317 for help.
Guard/service telephone: 92020753        Police: 8428000       Environmental committee: 47385083

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